Beautiful Pahrump: First Snowfall of Winter 2009 on Mt. Charleston

17 11 2009

The first snowfall of winter 2009 hit Mt. Charleston on November 16. 

It was an absolutely beautiful site to wake up to. 

The weather had been a bit balmy and cold the day before, and the snowfall apparently came in the night.

This is one of my favorite things about Pahrump, i.e., the beautiful scenery from the surrounding mountain ranges. 

In another month, it will be absolutely gorgeous. 

See the canyon running along the base of the mountain?  If you follow that canyon up for a ways, toward the mountain range, and if you’re very lucky (we were), you might just get to see some of the beautiful wild horses that roam the area!

2009 Photo copyright Spencer Jones. All rights reserved.


God visits Pahrump?

31 10 2009

renticular cloud over pahrump 2Ahh…the “Father Ship” visited Pahrump on October 29, hovering over the Mt. Charleston range on the east side of the city.

What a site it was!

Must be a sign of good things to come.

A nice, huge renticular cloud, looking every bit like it cloaked a certain kind of vehicle. 

No surprise…see Ps. 68:34, Ps. 104:3, Acts 1:9-11, Rev. 1:7, Rev. 10:1, Rev. 11:12, Rev. 14:14

[Photo courtesy of Kathy B. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.]